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Sofosbuvir is a uridine monophosphate analog inhibitor of HEPATITIS C VIRUS (HCV) polymerase NS5B that is used as an ANTIVIRAL AGENT in the treatment of CHRONIC HEPATITIS C

Uses and Cure
Hepcinat/Solvadi ( sofuobuvir 400mg) is used to cure chronic hepatitis C and liver infections. It is usually prescribed with other antiviral medication including ribavirin, daclatasvir, peginterferon, and ledipasvir. Hepcinat works to fight the hepatitis C virus in the body by countering it. It aids the immune system in fighting this virus and works well with other antiviral medication. If you need to treat hepatitis C, it is highly recommended that you do not use hepcinat alone.
• Chronic infection of genotype 3 hepatitis C virus
• Chronic infection of genotype 6 hepatitis C virus
• Chronic infection of genotype 5 hepatitis C virus
• Chronic infection of genotype 1 hepatitis C virus
• Chronic infection of genotype 2 hepatitis C virus
• Chronic infection of genotype 4 hepatitis C virus
Hepcinat can be taken with or without food. It is usually to be taken once a day and the dosage should always be in accordance with the state of the patient and how they react to the treatment. A constant level of supply in the system is necessary and the patient must make sure that they are taking the amount prescribed by their doctor or healthcare provider. It is important to continue taking the medication for as long as it has been prescribed. Discontinuing taking the medication even if you begin to feel better can prove to be harmful as the infection may reappear. Hepcinat ledipasvir is a popular combination recommended by most doctors and health care providers. Ledipasvir is a popular antiviral that usually comes with hepcinat. This medication should only be used by people over the age of 18.
Side effects
Some of the common side effects of taking hepcinat include the following:
• Headaches
• Tiredness
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Difficulty sleeping
• Itchy skin
• Irritation
All of these symptoms are normal with hepcinat, however, if the patient feels that any of these symptoms are getting worse as they continue taking their prescribed medication, contact your doctor or healthcare provider immediately. The side effects are commonly not that harmful and gradually wear away as your infection begins to fade away. If the patient has suffered from hepatitis B in the past it is very important that they mention this to their doctor before taking hepcinat. The hepcinat can potentially reignite the hepatitis B and can end up worsening the patients’ current condition. If the patient does not inform their doctor about an existing hepatitis B issue, they might experience some symptoms that can give the indication of an existing issue.
The patient should contact their doctor or local healthcare provider immediately f they are experiencing the following symptoms:
• Unusual tiredness
• Rapid breathing
• Pale sin
• Shortness of breath
• Fast heartbeat
These symptoms can indicate the presence of hepatitis B.
The chances of developing any serious allergic reactions to hepcinat are extremely rare but if it is the case the patient can experience the following symptoms:
• Developing a rash
• Itchiness
• Swelling of the face, throat or tongue
• Severe dizziness
• Breathing troubles
If any of the following symptoms are recurring, it can mean that the patient is experiencing an allergic reaction to the medication. The effects can get worse with time and could potentially be fatal. In such circumstances, it is recommended that the patient contact their doctor or healthcare provider immediately.
It is entirely possible for the patient to experience symptoms that are not mentioned above. In most cases, some symptoms are not usually fatal but some can prove to bring discomfort. If that is the case, it is recommended that the patient gets in touch with their doctor or healthcare provider.
Before taking hepcinat it is important to have your blood tests conducted. The patient must tell the doctor if they have any active allergies so they do not worsen by taking the medication. Telling your doctor about any history with other liver-related problems is very important.
The patient must mention any other prescription or nonprescription drugs they are using to their doctor before they start taking hepcinat.
Hepcinat must not be used with ribavirin or peginterferon during pregnancy by either of the partners. Birth control or condoms must be used if either partner is taking this medication as it can be very harmful to the unborn baby. The couple must not try to conceive during the time in which they are taking the medication and 6 months after they are done with it. If your partner does become pregnant or they are experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy, you must inform your doctor or healthcare provider right away.
If a woman has a toddler who is still being breastfed, she

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